Thursday, June 30, 2016

Book Release

She stared at him, then brought her mouth to his ear, the intimacy of the gesture, brushing them together. In that instant, she was a woman, who spent a great deal of time alone, and he was a man, hurting, searching for his way back, and their age and circumstances didn’t matter.


A sudden breakup with his girlfriend moved Kyle McAllen from one coast to the other. With a new job, new apartment, he’ll restart his life and try hard to not look back. He figures that’ll be easier since he’s living close to his mother now. They haven’t spent much time together in recent years, and it’ll be nice to reconnect.

Lilith Kearney overcame her recent divorce by pouring herself into her career. She won’t let the all-male work environment, and public perception, influence her life anymore. Yet, when a moment of physical illness brings Kyle into her life, the goals she’s adopted seem to shift. He’s sexy, smart, and kind, exactly who she needs in her life.

Except a forty year old woman shouldn’t fall in love with a twenty-eight year old man. Especially when it creates a rift between him and his mother, her long-time best friend. A rift that threatens to destroy their promising future.

Book 3 of 3 in the SPRING-SUMMER ROMANCE series by Alex Greenville. 30,000 words. Can be read as a stand alone.