Book Release

*Formerly "Words From The Heart." Now, released as a single. Edited for content.

He hired her to care for his children.

With his beloved wife’s death, Bennett Adam’s successful life fell apart. His son clings to him all the time, and his infant daughter won’t stop crying. His days and nights have become an endless cycle of grief and worry. When the family pediatrician suggests he hire a wet nurse, he’s opposed to the idea. Farm his daughter off on another woman? People don’t still do that.

Audrey Ferguson’s husband walked out on her and their son, forcing them to move in with her parents. She’s determined to make it temporary. Her son is mostly weaned. She’ll get a job, save up, and buy her own place. A chance encounter with Bennett at the library changes her orderly plans. Here’s a man, hurting, and a baby that needs what she can give.

Spending so much time with such a handsome older man creates its own set of problems though. They’re attracted to each other. In her eyes, he’s everything her ex is not – faithful to his children and loving to his wife. Yet, despite their growing passion, their troubled pasts stand between them. Memories that might be powerful enough to tear their fragile new beginning apart.


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