Book Release

Book 1

Students worked with their professors all the time.

Child genius and former hockey player, Aarin Kai, has settled into his new, mundane existence. Sidelined from a promising career by a crippling hand injury, most days, arthritis keeps him from doing the simplest tasks. Yet as a professor of English literature at a local college, he finds fulfillment teaching class.

Freshman English whiz, Lydia Rengi never expected her days at college to be eventful. She’d planned to study hard, get good grades, and in three years’ time, earn her degree.  But when she agrees to help Professor Kai work on outdated curriculum, unforeseen circumstances lead to private time together.

Suddenly, their nine year age difference isn’t so much and, time passing, the innocence of their friendship fading amidst growing passion. Passion, with the potential to become something wonderful – love. Or destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to attain, his career and reputation, but their future together, most of all.

Book 1 of 3 in the SPRING-SUMMER ROMANCE series. 37,000 words. HEA ending. Steamy PG-13. Can be read as a standalone.


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