Friday, September 15, 2017

Live Again

He shuffled his feet, the heels of a worn pair of Brogans scattering tiny pebbles of asphalt toward the curb where they lay amongst the remains of a half-dozen cigarettes; a crushed beer can, the tab pointed outward; a woman’s earring, pearlescent, out-of-place; and a used condom. He’d known such pleasures once, young, ripe flesh eager for his touch, and him, thinking of nothing but the hum in his head, the sting in his loins. Of soft, warm, moist places, hidden by lacy underthings and how very sweet they’d be on the tip of his tongue.

That was long ago, eons it felt like. Before the war. Before years of smoke and blood, of the entrails of good men spilled out on abandoned ground. Before starvation, his stomach consuming itself. Before the accusing faces of family members who’d thought he could live again, smile again, pretend that all those vacant eyes weren’t continually staring upward, pupils glazed, mouths agape, empty, vacuous lungs bereft of the very oxygen that forced him to sleep again, wake again, pretend his soul wasn’t as abandoned as the dead they’d left behind.

One foot on the curb, he hauled himself upward, shoving a scarred hand into the pocket of someone’s leftover coat, and his forefinger pushed through a hole to a place in the lining, his nail catching on loose threads shifting in the wind of his movements.

Much like the remnants of his mind. Random images continually flashing at odd moments when he least expected. Images he’d tried to rid himself of but couldn’t, and they’d forced him – forced him – to flee, to run as far as he could as long as he could and survive in a world with no roof, no walls, no bed, in the hopes he could shake himself free. But instead, they grew to a disproportionate size, one overlapping the next until he couldn’t tell them apart. They were a mishmash, a cacophony, bang and thump and snap and squeal, cries of pain melted into gunfire, orders shouted from exhausted lips, and somewhere behind them the sob of a child that’d lost his mother.

A child in a land far away, alone in a world not of his making, a world that he carried in his heart, every step, every press of the pad of his foot, every curl of his toe, every split and cracked nail digging into the tip of his shoes. Because he’d put her there. He’d raised his gun. He’d pulled the trigger. He’d saved many and killed one, and in the process, taken from himself any future he’d planned. He’d cast aside the tender places of the girl of his youth, the arch and curve and contours he’d craved, giving her memory second seat to the one that now destroyed him.

Her hair lost to the tangled matter in his mind. Her lips to endless desert sand. The light in her eye that used to reflect the sun, now held only sorrow and death. She was gone. He was gone. Yet in all that, he lived.

“Symon?” called a voice. “Symon Healey?”

And his footsteps ceased.

Alex Greenville, Author

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Book Release

In one movement, he pressed her hard against the wall, his hands slipping up her skirt. “I haven’t slept in two days,” he said, his voice husky. “I kept looking at your picture …"


Ad exec, Heath Olson, landed the perfect job at the Sentimental Card Company, an up-and-coming small business with great growth potential. But whereas his new position holds great possibilities for the future, troubles in his family still linger in his mind. He’s begun to apply his brother’s erratic behavior to himself.

Joy Griffin is the top designer at the card company, the voice that pens all those sappy sentiments that tug the heartstrings each February. Her sister’s new marriage frustrates her, though. She’s happy for her. But where’s the man who’ll love her like that?

A chance meeting with a handsome stranger during her sister’s bachelorette party becomes a freaky encounter when that stranger ends up being Heath. Add in incredible chemistry and forced time alone, and what began as a drunken flirtation soon flashes hot. Yet, steamy sex is fragile to stand on and when it threatens their jobs … something’s sure to shatter.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Book Release

She stared at him, then brought her mouth to his ear, the intimacy of the gesture, brushing them together. In that instant, she was a woman, who spent a great deal of time alone, and he was a man, hurting, searching for his way back, and their age and circumstances didn’t matter.


A sudden breakup with his girlfriend moved Kyle McAllen from one coast to the other. With a new job, new apartment, he’ll restart his life and try hard to not look back. He figures that’ll be easier since he’s living close to his mother now. They haven’t spent much time together in recent years, and it’ll be nice to reconnect.

Lilith Kearney overcame her recent divorce by pouring herself into her career. She won’t let the all-male work environment, and public perception, influence her life anymore. Yet, when a moment of physical illness brings Kyle into her life, the goals she’s adopted seem to shift. He’s sexy, smart, and kind, exactly who she needs in her life.

Except a forty year old woman shouldn’t fall in love with a twenty-eight year old man. Especially when it creates a rift between him and his mother, her long-time best friend. A rift that threatens to destroy their promising future.

Book 3 of 3 in the SPRING-SUMMER ROMANCE series by Alex Greenville. 30,000 words. Can be read as a stand alone.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Book Release

Audrey stretched, her spine giving a crack, and though he heard her grunt, knew Audrey had made the sound, in his head, it was Beth. Her eyes met his, her forehead furrowing. Audrey, that was Audrey, he said. Beth was gone. Audrey took care of his children. Yet, he couldn’t quite convince himself and look away.


With his beloved wife’s death, Bennett Adam’s successful life fell apart. His son clings to him all the time, and his infant daughter won’t stop crying. His days and nights have become an endless cycle of grief and worry. When the family pediatrician suggests he hire a wet nurse, he’s opposed to the idea. Farm his daughter off on another woman? People don’t still do that.

Audrey Ferguson’s husband walked out on her and their son, forcing them to move in with her parents. She’s determined to make it temporary. Her son is mostly weaned. She’ll get a job, save up, and buy her own place. A chance encounter with Bennett at the library changes her orderly plans. Here’s a man, hurting, and a baby that needs what she can give.

Spending so much time with such a handsome older man creates its own set of problems though. They’re attracted to each other. In her eyes, he’s everything her ex is not – faithful to his children and loving to his wife. Yet, despite their growing passion, their troubled pasts stand between them. Memories that might be powerful enough to tear their fragile new beginning apart.

Book 2 of 3 in the SPRING-SUMMER ROMANCE series by Alex Greenville. Stand alone. HEA.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Book Release

Book 1

We. When had the two of them become more than a professor and his student? When had they become “we”? Because thinking of her made him reconsider himself, who he was as a son, a teacher, a man.


Child genius and former hockey player, Aarin Kai, has settled into his new, mundane existence. Sidelined from a promising career by a crippling hand injury, most days, arthritis keeps him from doing the simplest tasks. Yet as a professor of English literature at a local college, he finds fulfillment teaching class.

Freshman English whiz, Lydia Rengi never expected her days at college to be eventful. She’d planned to study hard, get good grades, and in three years’ time, earn her degree.  But when she agrees to help Professor Kai work on outdated curriculum, unforeseen circumstances lead to private time together.

Suddenly, their nine year age difference isn’t so much and, time passing, the innocence of their friendship fading amidst growing passion. Passion, with the potential to become something wonderful – love. Or destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to attain, his career and reputation, but their future together, most of all.

Book 1 of 3 in the SPRING-SUMMER ROMANCE series. Novella, 37,000 words. No cliffhanger.